8 | Engine is ready for extraction

I removed the propeller shaft from the engine. I took out the waterpump, the gearbox, some hoses, wiring, control panel and pumped as much oil and cooling fluid as possible. I unbolted the struts that connects the engine to the chassis. It is now ready to be lifted. We are waiting on the men from the harbor to lift her with the crane.

Lisa removed woodwork from our bedroom for painting and sanding. We decided to do as much internal woodwork as possible. To make that possible the mast will need to wait, it will be done next year. We also settled for now on the electric engine of choice. Next job: installing a new addition to our settee and the construction of wood panels for the salon.

6 | Clearing of the forepeak

Our sailboat renovation is underway. Last week we cleared the forepeak area. It had a lot of rotten wood in the hold. The space is now left to dry out. During the summer we will rebuild the forepeak with new plywood and fibreglass panels. We will add insulation, new led lights, a new oak desktop (this will be our study/guestroom), a 150l watertank and central heating. The paneling will return as it was.

Also done last week was the removal of our table in the salon. This gives us better access to construct a new addition to the settee. In the summer we make a new table from iroko hardwood.

Up next is the removal of our diesel engine.

2 | Stella is out of the water

Stella hanging in the ropes.

We took Stella out of the water. First we removed her radar, windmill and boom. A crane hoisted her mast, than her body. It is always a strange experience seeing everything you own bungling in two hoist straps a couple of meters into the air. All 12.000 kg of fiberglass, metal and wiring together with some clothes, books and an iPad or two.

A renovation project to make her pretty starts next week. For the next six months, Stella will be sanded, painted and coated. Her rigging will be renewed. We add a new addition to her salon, a new galley, a new bathroom and a study/guestroom. We finish with a new central heating system and a boiler. Yeah. She’ll be nice,