9 | I finished strategy kantoor 2023

Last week I finished developing the wayfinding strategy for my biggest wayfinding job in terms of square meters. The ‘kantoor2023’ (office2023) is a major office building for the Flemish Government. Located in Brussels, Belgium, the building will house 29 floors and consists of offices, a restaurant, a fitness centre, an underground carpark, multiple coffee bistro’s and a conference center. In total about 120.000 m2.

My job was developing a strategy to guide people through the building. I analysed the building on wayfinding characteristics and developed a functional and robust information plan. I designed the information system that will be implemented. I then made maps for all floors with flowlines (the walking routes) drawn in, as well as the position of every information element in the building. It was a lot of work, and I’m proud of my achievement. It could not have been realised so properly without the help of Caroline Delveaux from Inter and Karen Calcoen, Ellen Vanderelst and Nadine Böve from the agentschap facilitair bedrijf (the facility agency from the Flemish Government).

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