10 | Engine is out.

We took out the engine. I’m glad that smelly beast is gone. Lifting went smooth and easy with some help from the yard. I have also taken out the exhaust and a multitude of other engine bits. Stella is inside. We are now removing all the deck fittings for sanding and painting next month. This week I will start on the construction of a new bowsprit on the front of the boat.

Meanwhile I’m still contemplating what to do with my career. I will leave ‘De Omgevingspsycholoog’ (the environmental psychologist) this year. I expect to do a wayfinding project this winter. After that everything remains open.

I have two ideas for new companies, and one idea for a research lab. They again involve environmental psychology – but more practical, useful for everyday practices and common problems. I have researched the possibility of a change into clinical psychology. Although the work suits me, and I think I can really help people, the increasingly corporate and bureaucratic overhead feels limiting to me. It also requires a sizable investment, which I rather spend on my floating home at this moment.

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